Monday morning with the Langes

Sometimes I wonder how I ever get anything done with a toddler. Let’s be real honest: most days I don’t! I’m feeling refreshed and productive today. Read: I’ve consumed large amounts of coffee and Remington is being semi-calm so I’ve been able to get things done. I get so frustrated with myself sometimes. It seems like my house has to be a DISASTER before I get on the ball and start cleaning. Ugh! I can’t function in a house like that so I have no idea why I let it get that bad. Procrastination to the extreme! I decided I needed to do something that would make the mess a little more manageable so I printed off this little schedule & hung it on my fridge. You can get a copy for yourself here. I was tempted to keep it hidden from Jarrett so he wouldn’t hold me accountable if I was totally slacking off, but I didn’t. That’s exactly what I need–accountability! Here’s hoping the schedule alone will be motivation enough!cleaningsched

I actually started on the laundry first thing this morning rather than waiting until the end of the night when I’m too tired to stay up and put it in the dryer/hang it up. Disgusting fact about me: one time I washed a load of laundry like three times before I finally got it in the dryer. In my defense, we hadn’t been home much that week and I totally kept forgetting that I had it in there. Gross, I know. Luckily, there’s an app solution for that.laundry

Gotta have coffee to get the job done. I pretty much always drink my coffee out of a straw and Tervis tumbler unless I’m feeling fancy, then I use my favorite Crate & Barrel mugs. My awesome cousin Whitney bought them for us as a wedding gift.


My hardworking husband came in this morning after working all night and has been watching Lion King 2 with Remi.rafikki

We watch Lion King about 5 times a week. Remington loves it. It’s my go-to when he’s acting a fool & needs some calming down.

I got up from working on a project to get a refill on my coffee and found this little booger in my chair. He is such a little monkey! I don’t know what I’m going to do now that he insists on climbing into the chairs. He discovers new things every day and I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of mini heart attacks thanks to his adventurous streak. remi

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

Until next time,


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