horizontal running

I have so many random incomplete thoughts that I’m going to share with you. I thought it would be a little much to post more than once today and although these topics have nothing to do with each other: here we go! If you couldn’t already tell from reading my previous posts, you’ll soon learn that I’m all over the place!

First, so I don’t forget: if you’re a guacamole lover like me, there are 100 calorie packs now. Perfect for spreading on a sandwich, adding to a salad, eating with a spoon, whatever you decide. Once the guacamole/avocado turns brown there’s no way I’m eating it. This solves that issue because you’ll definitely finish it {and maybe want seconds} so, go buy some. You’ll be glad you did.guac

Just don’t be like me and buy this thinking it’s sparkling water. It’s not. I have no clue why I thought that. I do like the fact that there’s a protective covering on top of the can. Somehow I just feel like there’s less germs on it. Whatever.  limonata

I have a problem. I’m in a decorating dilemma with my living room. I know what I like. I have a vision; but I want to see something similar in a picture. I just need to know that the overall color scheme, arrangement, etc. is going to look cohesive before I start any projects. Every dang “style quiz” I take says my style is traditional. If you know me, you know this is heartbreaking! {ha! only kidding..sort of} That’s just not me. Maybe my problem is actually taking the quiz. They usually say “don’t think, just pick the image that first catches your eye.” I’m already breaking out into a sweat when I read those words because I hate to be put on the spot! I can usually identify with all of the images and can picture them in my home. How do I choose just one? I’ve got commitment issues people—I know! I just want to create a home that is pretty, inviting, comfortable for my boys and I, and unique like my taste—too much to ask? Obviously. I truly do enjoy painting, DIY-ing, decorating and all that comes with it. I’m definitely not looking to hire someone–I just need help creating my perfect room. With that being said, if any of you awesome readers have a solution for me, please comment below!

Now, if you’re needing a good laugh, today’s your lucky day. Jarrett and I started the c25k plan yesterday. Let me make this loud and clear: I don’t know what we were thinking. In all seriousness, I know we will be glad that we’re challenging ourselves with this; but until we start seeing results it’s going to be hard to stay motivated. I guess you could say we had a “come to Jesus” about losing weight. Jarrett got home from work about 3 a.m. yesterday morning and still managed to drag himself out of bed when Remi woke up. I don’t know how that man does it, but I’m glad he does. While Remi was eating breakfast and watching his morning cartoons we started talking about weight loss. We both have goals that we’d like to meet and both hate exercise. Clearly, we were needing to figure something out. I knew that running was something that many people started out hating and had grown to love—not to mention the fact that it melts off those extra lbs. Therefore, I was willing to try it. We decided that we would start the c25k plan when Remington woke up from his afternoon nap. Yes, we were still delegating about it all morning until after we put him down for a nap. Remember said commitment issues from earlier? Yeah. Good thing Jarrett was here to motivate me or I would have found some excuse when R woke up. Instead, we put on our running shoes, grabbed some water bottles & strapped Remi into the stroller. The first five minutes were no big deal and then came the dreaded words {from the c25k app} “start running.” I think Remi said it best with one of his famous “uh-oh!” exclamations. Seriously, every time we started jogging Remi would say “uh-oh” and then start giggling. I hope he doesn’t always remember us as being this out of shape! He really was a great motivator, though. He would fling his arms up in the air like he was on a rollercoaster and squeal “woohooo!” He also kept saying “Momma? Momma? Daddy?” I guess he wanted to make sure we weren’t about to pass out and leave the stroller rolling down the hill. Who knows with that kid!

Mid-workout, our conversations went a little something like this:

Remi: uh-oh
Me: My butt is jiggling so hard it hurts.
Jarrett: I feel like my ankle is about to snap in half.
Me: No, really..my rib is about to poke through my skin.
Remi: woohooo!
Jarrett: We’re only halfway through?

You get the picture. We’re real go-getters. At first, I wasn’t going to post about trying to lose weight. You know me—never wanting to be held accountable for anything. I think I’m starting to see a pattern. Obviously I need to start holding myself accountable. Baby steps. I’m just glad I can get a little inspiration from these awesome ladies: Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg.

Last night {after the torturous workout} Jarrett and I had a date night. Alone time together is always much needed and appreciated. Shout-out to Poppa for getting the monster to bed by himself last night! We went to Jarrett’s fav, Texas Roadhouse and had some great conversation. Jarrett says he can always tell when I have been alone with Remi too long because I talk nonstop. I disagree. ;) Then, being the old married couple that we are, we went to Lowes. Obviously picking out light fixtures and pricing spray paint is what all the cool kids are doing these days. By the way, Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint is much cheaper at Walmart. You’re welcome. Jarrett kept saying he wanted to take me dancing {that’s two-stepping for all of you non-Texans} but there is nowhere around here that won’t leave you smelling like an ashtray. So, in a totally un-Jarrett act of romance, he danced me down the aisle at Lowes. {this was after he told me he was taking me on a date to Dairy Queen} He’s a keeper. Then, we came home and I watched Pitch Perfect for the first time while Jarrett snored loudly. Fat Amy and her horizontal running are my favorite. Maybe because we both hate cardio.

That’s all for now folks. Going to get my worship on bright and early tomorrow morning!

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “horizontal running

    • i know! I just love the fact that we can have Remi with us when we do it. I don’t mind trying book camp I just know I wont be paying to continue going (at least not at this point) so it feels a little pointless to go kill myself for nothing! haha


  1. umm umm UMMM…where did you get that 100 cal pack guac? is that target brand? I need that because my dinner tonight was actually a whole package of guac and chips and i’ve decided that was outta control and i MUST do better! :D


  2. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so much! I love Remi’s “uh oh!” when y’all started to run!! Perfect. It’s soooo hard to find motivation to exercise when pretty much ANYTHING sounds better! :/ :) I can’t wait to hear more about yall’s inspiring c25k adventure! good luck!


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