Has it really only been a week since I posted? It seems like ages. I think this has been one of the most trying weeks I’ve had in a long time. It all started with Remington running a fever then the tell-tale eye boogers. Ugh, please don’t let it be pink eye. It was. The pediatrician went ahead and wrote us a script for an antibiotic in case Remi didn’t get well over the weekend. He didn’t. By the time I got the antibiotics on Saturday afternoon I couldn’t get Remi’s fever under control and I knew we would probably need to take him to the ER to get him checked out. 105.2 is a pretty high temperature, folks. I was so calm. Strangely calm. God definitely had his hand on me. Mom, Jarrett, Sisters, Dad…everyone was out of town. My step dad met me at the ER and we waited. Turns out that Remington had an ear infection and what looked like strep (although the test came back negative) along with his pink eye. Poor kiddo. Thankfully, the folks in the ER were great and we were able to come home by bedtime. I thought the worst was behind me. All I had left to do was administer meds, love on my baby, and enjoy a little down time. WRONG. Each time I gave Remington his medicine it was a battle. I totally agree with what the X-ray tech at the ER said: “He may be small, but this kid is stout!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby this strong.” He IS strong. He had to prove his strength each time I tried to change his diaper. Any mommy knows antibiotics + not eating = tummy troubles.  Tummy troubles leads to lots of diaper changes and diaper rash. And a fight. EVERY time. I was physically so exhausted that my arms, shoulders, and back hurt by the time I would get in bed every night. Praise the Lord that Remi is feeling better now. Aside from a runny nose which I can totally deal with, he seems to not be in pain anymore. However, his behavior is off the charts. Crazy-acting, fit-throwing, biting-holes-in-pacifiers, momma-kicking tantrums. Where would I be without my husband? In the corner rocking back and forth, no doubt. It’s been bad, y’all. So in all of my poor-pitiful-me mess, I carried myself to Bible study today. It came time for prayer requests {SO thankful for sweet friends who pray me through the hard times} and I recounted my week to them. Then, the quietest lady in the group told us of what she has been going through with her foster and adopted children. I was humbled. Next, my sweet friend praised Jesus for the fact that her father-in-law will be able to receive chemo close to home. I was humbled. Once again, I had gotten so caught up in ME that I was blinded to how completely blessed I am. My God never forsakes me, even in my darkest hour. He loves me. That makes everything else seem trivial. If having a screaming kid is the worst thing I have to deal with this week–I can handle it. That’s all for now folks. I just wanted to get that out there. It’s my way of taking a deep breath and starting new. Speaking of newness, I just started a She Reads Truth reading plan on my YouVersion Bible app. I’m so excited to see what God reveals to me. Sometimes we all just need a fresh start.

Be blessed friends,


2 thoughts on “humbled.

  1. This was amazing :) Much needed, especially this week (for both of us!). You’re strength and your smile are so inspiring. Many hugs to sweet Remi! Miss you and Love you!


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