It seems like each time I post on a different topic I gain new readers. I love the fact that my blog can hopefully be well-rounded. I’ve posted recipes, ideas, beauty tutorials, and pictures of my family. This morning I want to do something a little different. Why not talk about the Creator of all of these wonderful things in my life? I’m going to share with you exactly what I wrote in my journal this morning after my quiet time with God. Maybe some of you can relate.

Yes, once again I’ve been behind on my daily Bible plan {a She Reads Truth plan from the You Version Bible app}. I always struggle with consistency and it angers me. Today, I thought about not even doing the reading plan because I was irritated with myself and didn’t want to be reminded that once again I didn’t measure up to my own expectations. Today’s reading plan {I’m over a week behind, so really Feb. 26th reading plan} was perfect. It’s from Exodus and deals with the Israelites’ weariness. After watching The Bible {amazing History Channel series} last week, I have been so enthralled with the story of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. How perfectly did God work these details together for my good? He knew I would be reading this very plan today. He knew I would be questioning myself and be weary with my own bad habits. He knows that sometimes I’m just a little too comfortable hanging back in the crowd and I don’t want to be stretched.

It’s so comforting to serve a God that knows my every move or even thought ahead of time. He works all things together for my good. I don’t have to be perfect and I know He’s not finished with me yet. I love this line from today’s plan:

“Let us quiet our hearts and watch as God, full of grace, fights daily for our hearts. And wins.


I hope you all enjoy a lazy Spring Break Saturday. I should be cleaning for next weekend {I’m hosting my girlfriend’s Bachelorette party at my house WHAT, WHAT?!} but instead I think I’ll continue drinking coffee to my heart’s content and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Mr. Remi. I’ll clean tomorrow!


I don’t think he’s worn a bib in 6 months. It makes me laugh to see him in one!


She wants in. He wants out. It’s nice in Texas today. I think we’ll play outside!


I guess Remi and Mickey are having a tea party with the bunnies.


Until next time,


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