long overdue

I’m feeling pretty terrible that I haven’t updated my little ol’ blog in FOR-EV-ER! I don’t really have anything crazy to share but I figured I could give a rundown of what’s been going on in our lives for the friends and family that are interested! SO for starters, many of you know I’ve been living out my little girl dream and playing makeup artist. Ok—not really playing—but it’s so much fun to get to transform people into a more confident {and gorgeous} version of themselves that it hardly seems like work! I have added a page to my blog to act as a portfolio until I can get my professional page up and going. God willing, I’ll have my domain name and my site running soon and I’ll post the link here for you lovely readers! I should also have some more pictures up soon. {edit: My new website is up!! Check it here!}

Next up: My awesome husband Jarrett. He is one of the hardest workers I know and makes me proud every day! He recently started Locomotive Engineer school and spent two weeks in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had long hours of classroom and simulator training and passed all of his tests with flying colors. Super proud to call him mine and grateful for this opportunity! Praise Jesus that I have a husband who makes the choice every day to take care of his family and then some! After two long weeks away, Jarrett came home and had just enough time to unpack and re-pack before we left for a 10-hour drive to the beach! Did I mention he drove? Awesome husband award. Our Pensacola/Destin, Florida vacation was wonderful. We are glad to be home but I have one tiny request—can I have the beach in my backyard? :)


before heading out to dinner one night..just the two of us!


my cute parents!


our little beach group.
L to R: Jarrett, Myself, Remi, Alexa (baby sister), Jon, Mom


Of course we had to open a few presents on vacation because my baby big boy turned TWO! His actual birthday was while his daddy was out of town so we’ve been celebrating all month! We love him to pieces and are so blessed to be his parents! Of course, Remi has celebrated with family several different times now so still thinks it’s his birthday. He wears his party hat every day and proceeds to sing himself “Happy Birthday.” Love that stinker! He is so full of life and makes everyone around him smile. He is teaching me every day to choose joy over impatience, grumpiness, and negativity. {Go easy on me, I’m still a work in progress!}  :)

Aside from the beach, we’ve just been doing good old fashioned summer things. It’s already sweltering in Texas so you’ve got to find some way to cool down! This was Memorial Day at my Mom’s house.




I think Remi was concerned for my safety! Too funny!

We’ve also been enjoying fresh veggies from the garden that Jarrett and his dad planted as well as farm fresh eggs from our chickens. With the garden, cows, chickens, and work, Jarrett has a lot of his responsibility on his plate. I am very thankful for all of the hard work he puts in for us. I also can’t wait to see if I notice a change in our grocery bill. Everything is so expensive at the grocery store now! Take me back to the simpler times!!


I hope everyone is having an awesome summer and I hope all of the dads out there had a great Father’s Day!

Until next time.. {maybe it wont be so long until I post again!}


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