bohemian photo shoot

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some pictures from the photo shoot I worked on a few weeks ago.  Well, I’m finally posting more pictures and details! This shoot wasn’t necessarily “for” anything…just for fun! It was a collaboration with a wonderful photographer friend of mine. We both had a tiny spark of a vision and he allowed me to run with it and fill in all of the details. I had so much fun finding inspiration photos, props, jewelry, and outfits. I have done hair and makeup quite a bit, but never styling or wardrobe. It was definitely fun to try out something new!

The idea was a bohemian, 70’s-inspired shoot. I wanted a care-free style that still felt chic. A polished, Anthropologie vibe if you will. Several people have seen the photos and said “I don’t get it.” Don’t think too hard. Just enjoy!

Katie (the gorgeous model) has such lovely features. I die over that eye color and those perfectly plump lips! I gave her a whimsical braided crown across the forehead with loose, un-done curls. Bronze-y lids, lots of lashes, natural looking flushed cheeks, defined brows, and a pretty rose lip. PERFECTION!

on the drive to the location. isn't she just gorgeous? so glad to have Katie as our model!

on the drive to the location. isn’t she just gorgeous? so glad to have Katie as our model!

So without further adieu, I present to you the AMAZING pictures!

model in front of vintage Paramount movie theatre in Marshall, Texas

Paramount Theater | Marshall, Texas

model on bench downtown Marshall, Texas

I swear Marshall is literally a ghost town until you start taking pictures in the middle of the road!

I swear Marshall is literally a ghost town until you start taking pictures in the middle of the road!

model with aviator sunglasses and braided crown

gah..just perfect!

Mr. Photographer posing Katie perfectly

Mr. Photographer posing Katie perfectly

The above photo is from my iPhone. John had the vision to use this brick storage shed as a backdrop. I agreed it would be interesting, but had no idea how it would end up looking with the graffiti and what not. OH MY GOSH. When he sent me the picture below I almost flipped out. That’s talent, y’all! I don’t even know how he does it. I don’t even want to know!

model in downtown Marshall, Texas

another favorite. yet again, I already owned all of the jewelry. the charm bracelet is my grandmother’s.

Next, we took our shoot a little ways down the road to North Longview. These beautiful pastures close to where I grew up have always been near and dear to my heart. They were the perfect backdrop. My only regret is that we did not have enough time to get all of the shots we wanted after the sun went down.

a little shot of my big ol' messy bun in action! haha

a little shot of my big ol’ messy bun in action! haha

bohemian princess holds embellished bouquet

total bohemian princess!

bohemian model in open pasture

Finally, a not-so-serious expression! Definitely a fun, care-free shot. The dress was found at Ross. The necklace was previously a tassel that hung out on my Nanny’s dresser until I revamped it. The lace shawl also belongs to my Nanny. Everything else was something I already owned. I literally cannot express how much fun it was to find all of these things for cheap or free. That’s just my style. I love a good bargain! The lanterns pictured below were created from jars, lace, twine, and wire I already had at home. I absolutely LOVE the ambiance they created for these dusky pictures.

model in wooded pasture with mason jar lanterns

lantern light

I will always treasure these photos from my first photo shoot! Thanks to John Preston for bringing my vision to life and for allowing me to post these pictures! I can’t wait to work with you again! Thanks Miss Katie (soon-to-be-MRS.) for being the perfect model! I am so thankful for friends and family that believe in me! I hope all of you loved these photos as much as I do!

Don’t forget there is a contact form if you are interested in booking me for makeup for your special event.

To view more of John’s work click here.

To view a video of the shoot, click here.

love, love, love,


One thought on “bohemian photo shoot

  1. Kelsey, you & John did a great job! I think they get better at the end, my favorite 2nd to last… and close up of Katie in 4th from last, so pretty! Nanny’s treasurers… priceless! Love reading your honest thoughts! Big hugs!


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