labeled: broken

He poked his lip out and threw the yellow crayon on the ground. “It’s broken. I can’t use it. I need to put it in the trash.”

Hey, God. I hear ya. I’m paying attention this time.

I replied, “It’s ok, Remi. You can still use the broken crayon to color with. We don’t need to throw it away.”

I had to stifle a giggle at his attitude over the broken crayon. He was done–ready to throw it away and move on. For him, there was nothing good left. I still saw a perfectly good crayon with a broken tip. I tried reasoning with him. {Reasoning with a two year old. Laughable, I know.} He finally conceded.

That was a good one, God. Thanks for that. Your timing is always SO good.

I had been sitting for about 30 minutes trying to write. I wanted to write about how I spent my Saturday. I struggled with the words or even a cohesive thought. In that moment, He reminded me of how He uses us in our brokenness. How many times have I had that same conversation with Him? “I’m broken, Lord. You can’t use me. I’m not fit to be a {mom, wife, friend}. Go ahead and toss me.”

Yet, He never does. Albeit, He probably shakes his head at me {maybe stifles a giggle} and reminds me of who I am. He still sees me as good. Brave. Restored. Filled with purpose. Strong. Safe. Dearly loved. Free forever.

Things I could never be without Him.

Me? Yes, me. You? Yes, you, too.

I was reminded of these things this weekend. The Women’s Ministry at my church hosted a project. The Restoration Project to be exact. What did I encounter there? Women + Truth + Joy. That was the tagline on the tickets and brochures and boy, was it present. While there were so many good lessons and reminders, one thing really planted itself in my mind and in my heart. I hope it takes root in yours, too.

Let go of the old labels.

Stubborn. Rude. Dumb. Boring. Too big. Too small. Loud mouth. Quiet. Ugly. Insert every other label you’ve been given or have believed about yourself. Then draw a line through it.

Stubborn. Rude. Dumb. Boring. Too big. Too small. Loud mouth. Quiet. Ugly. Good. Lovely. Wonderful. Beautiful. Funny. Smart. Loving. Restored. HIS.

Why are labels so important to us? Worldly labels–things that only have meaning because we let them. Labels that mean nothing in eternity but everything in middle school. Or in the work place. Or wherever else we feel small, insignificant, and unworthy. Like how Remi labeled the crayon broken and useless. You aren’t broken. Your life isn’t over. There is still good. HE sees it. See yourself through His eyes.

I don’t remember the exact words or even who said it, but I’ll never forget it. “Your places of disappointment are your greatest opportunity to let Jesus live through you.” When we don’t allow Jesus to hold us close {like He so desperately long to do} Satan comes in and destroys. He builds up lies in our head and in our heart. Satan tells us we aren’t worthy. He tells us we are trash. Bit by bit we start to believe the lies. It’s time to stop believing Satan and start believing God. Start believing the One who delights in us, cares for us, loves us beyond measure. How? By spending time with Him and making His word a priority. By praying for Him to help you take every thought captive. I won’t lie–it is a struggle. I am so guilty of giving God the last pieces of me at the end of the day. Every single day I wake up and choose my priorities. Will I let Him hold me close or will I struggle to make it though the day on my own? It’s a lifelong project, but if we let Him walk with us, regardless of circumstance, it will be a joyful one.

In Christ’s love,


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