a reminder to live



Photo May 02, 7 45 31 PM

This boy loves his Poppa and riding through the pastures in Daddy’s truck.

Photo May 02, 12 37 17 PM.jpg

He loves making wishes.

Photo May 03, 7 10 47 PM.jpg

And picnics with his Jon Jon and SuSu.

PicMonkey Collage

He loves sitting on the counter and prolonging bedtime.

Photo May 04, 3 44 10 PM

And hanging out in the shop. (pre-haircut!)

Photo May 04, 4 19 46 PM

And hanging on Mommy’s legs.



He just loves life.

This boy of mine reminds me to live–to see things for more than they are. The way his eyes light up at the simplest things reminds me to slow down. All too often I’m reminded that tomorrow is not promised to us. We can make great big plans for the future but, friends, we’ve got to relish today. We’ve got to live more abundantly. Don’t let the enemy creep in and tell you that you’ll have more, do more, be happier down the road. Cling to the truth that He has lavished His grace upon us. Now is the time to allow yourself to really live! Start today.



favorite foundation brushes

I’ve always loved going through my friend’s makeup bags (still do) and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tools and products for personal and client use. Here is a round-up of my must-have foundation brushes for applying cream and liquid foundations. These are tried and true, gotta-have-them brushes for me. I’d love to know–what are your favorite foundation brushes? Comment below if I’m missing out on something fabulous!

Favorite Foundation Brushes



Convo 1
(Doing laundry)
Remi: Can I help?
Me: Sure! (hands him jacket) Here, can you put this in the dryer for me?
Remi: (grabs jacket) Well, what do we have here?!

Convo 2
(Scrolling through tv channels)
Remi: I wanna watch that!
Me: Ok but I think it’s almost over.
Remi: It’s Handy Dandy!
Me: Handy Manny?
Remi: Yeah! It’s Handy Dandy!

Convo 3
(Driving to my parent’s house to check on things while they were out of town)
Remi: You’re right! We are at SuSu’s house!
Me: I told you we have to feed her dogs.
Remi: Is SuSu here?
Me: No baby.
Remi: Is she at the beach?
Me: Yes, that’s right.
Remi: Does she have a house there?
Me: Sort of.
Remi: (brokenhearted) Aw. Does she not like this house?!

Convo 4
Me: How’s your juice?
Remi: Not good.
Me: Not good?!
Remi: It’s spicy for you but it’s good for me.


cutting corners

All too often I rush the bedtime routine. I find myself cutting corners, reading one less Golden book, trying to convince my three year old that we aren’t going to rock in the rocking chair tonight even though we are “supposed to”, thinking about 50 other things I need to get done before bedtime, etc. Sometimes I’m at my wits end because the day has left me utterly exhausted and I just need some time to myself. Other times, on the rare occasion that my husband is home at bedtime, I’m trying to get my little one to bed to have some couple time before mommy and daddy both fall asleep.

But tonight, I listened to Remi when he told me he wanted me to rock him. I held his little feverish body tight and I prayed out loud for healing over him. Seeing my son sick or hurting always breaks my heart. In the stillness of the moment I held him tight and stroked his hair. I whispered over and over again how much I loved him. He quietly listened and snuggled in. I began to think about all the things that I really haven’t allowed myself to think about. You know–like when someone hurts you, or a circumstance brings you to your knees and you just can’t understand. I feel like I’ve been hit with a couple of those lately. They’re bearable because I don’t allow myself to think of them. But if I’m being honest with myself, and with you, when everything is still and quiet, I’m reminded just how much it stings. In a way, I’m grateful that Remi didn’t feel well tonight and asked me to rock him. It reminded me to hold him a little tighter–life is SO incredibly precious.

Life also hurts. It knocks you down. It whispers in your ear that you’ve failed yet again. It breaks your heart and tells you that you’ll never heal. These are lies straight from the enemy–the devil himself.

In the dark, still corner of a messy toddler bedroom, we rocked and I had a talk with Jesus. I allowed Him to chisel at my hardened heart–my greatest defense against feeling something. I couldn’t think of a better parallel: a mother holding her son and a Father holding His daughter. God hates to see his children hurting just as I hate to see my own child hurting. We nurture our children, comfort them, wipe their tears. How many times has God patiently waited on me to turn to Him so he could do the same for me? Why do I find it so hard to surrender whatever semblance of control I think I have and just lean on Him? I can’t do it on my own. I’ve tried a thousand times before yet He continually extends grace. When I try to take the reigns and cut corners with Christ, I end up hurting myself and hurting God. It’s a lose-lose situation. My only option in this earthly life is to fully rest in Him.


You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word.
Psalm 119:114



oh, toodles! remi’s third birthday

It happened. Remington turned three despite my best efforts to keep him from growing up! ;) So, of course, we had to celebrate Mickey-style with a fun little shindig at my parent’s house. I wish I had the time to take more pictures, but thankfully my sister got some for me! Remi snoozed through the beginning of his party and I actually had to wake him up! I think we had been talking about his party for so long that he didn’t believe me when I told him it was his party day! Click on a picture and scroll through the slideshow if you want to see larger images. I hope you enjoy Remington’s Clubhouse!




Convo #1:

Remi: Can we do bubbles?

Me: Not right now.

Remi: Can you say you’re just kidding?

Me: No.

Remi: Well, that makes me cry!

Convo #2:

Remi (to Mayleigh, the dog): You a sweet girl! I been missin’ y’all while I was at Honey’s! …You gonna talk?

Convo #3:

Remi (eating a cream filled donut): MMM! This is just like hot sauce!

Convo #4:

(Remi kept pretending to lick a bar of soap…)

Me: Remington! That’s yucky don’t lick that!

Remi: I just pretending! (accidentally licks soap)

Me: *hysterical laughter*

Remi: (looks shocked) It’s SO good!

Convo #5:

Me: When was the last time you went potty?

Remi: Sunday.

Convo #6:

Remi: Momma, I gotta talk to you a second. I forgive you. I forgive you for me and for Mayleigh.

Me: Forgive me for what?

Remi: Because I love you.



hot llama (hot lava)

parrots (pears)

apple pie (pineapple)

pitty (pretty)

loving lately

I’ve been challenging myself to break out of my shell as far as home décor goes. I’ve always loved color but I also tend to stay in a safe little bubble of beige and neutral. Boring! I solved that problem when I painted the wall in our entry/living room a bright turquoise color and I’m so glad I did! I’m not saying go buy a gallon of neon paint, but I do think it’s nice to do something to surprise yourself once in a while. I’ve enjoyed incorporating more color into our home which leads me to the theme of this loving lately post: brights + metallics foreva!

Valerie Wieners Art Names of God Print Lat and Lo Cuff Bracelet Swim Zip Swimwear Swankaroo Kaleidoscope backpack Kris Nations Custom Stud Earrings Stay and Co Pillows

Valerie Wieners Art Names of God Print
Lat and Lo Cuff Bracelet
SwimZip Swimwear
Swankaroo Kaleidoscope backpack
Kris Nations Custom Stud Earrings
Stay and Co Pillows


1.) Valerie is one of the gals I love to see in my Instagram feed. Her artwork is gorgeous and SO unique {and she has an amazing testimony!} I love the way she illustrates and hand-letters scripture and want her work all over my home! This print doesn’t even show a fraction of her talent–it’s just one of the many on my wish list! If you’re one of those people that says “oh, I’ll check it out later..” DON’T WAIT! Go check it now because she’s having a HUGE sale that starts tonight! I’m also loving her instant printable coloring pages.

2.) Lat and Lo is not helping my jewelry obsession at all! These cuffs are such a great gift idea {hint, hint, husband!} for anyone. I love meaningful, custom jewelry. I also love the fact that if you don’t know the coordinates of your location they will find them for you! So cool!

3.) If you’ve read my post about sunscreen then you know how I feel about littles and sun safety! How cute and practical are these SwimZip suits?! A direct quote from the site says “all SwimZip swimwear styles provide 50+ UV Protection and block 98% UVA & UVB rays.” They have the cutest styles for boys, girls and adults as well. I just couldn’t resist this sweet watermelon print for girls!

4.) Is it irrational that these Swankaroo backpacks make me giddy like a schoolgirl? I really want one. I mean, Remi is the one that needs a backpack but I REALLY am looking for a good excuse to buy myself one as well. So far I’ve got nothing. I figure the camo one would be perfect for my little guy but maybe I should just get the cute Kaleidoscope print and carry it for him? ;)

5.) Yet another custom jewelry option…I may or may not have a jewelry problem! One of the coolest things about these Kris Nations stud earrings is that you can choose from symbols, letters and states. You can also pick your finish of gold, silver, or one of each. Just another thing to add to my ever growing wish list and gift idea list!

6.) I’ve been swooning over these Stay and Co. gold pillows for a few months, but since painting our living room wall and changing a few things up {namely, adding gold and coral as accent colors} I think they would look perfect in our living room! Stay and Co. is a mash-up of two successful stand-alone shops that grew exponentially and decided to join together, hire help, and develop a new brand. I love their play on words for “Stay Home” and “Stay Little“.


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I’ve been writing down the cute things that Remington says since his first words. I love to share them with friends and family–sometimes in Facebook statuses and other times in a quick text message. I thought it would be a fun and memorable way to document those little conversations and phrases by sharing them here on the ol’ blog since it really is just one big family journal!


Convo #1:

Mommy: Oh, I missed you while you were at Honey and Poppa’s!

Remi: Don’t say that! It’s not good manners!

Convo #2:

Remi (looking at a baby picture of himself wearing a Zebra outfit): Why is that hat like that?

Mommy: Because it’s a zebra!

Remi: Ugh! Come on Mommy!

Convo #3:

Remi (opening the door to let our dog Mayleigh outside and spying a mud puddle): Look Mayleigh! There’s your chocolate milk!

Convo #4:

Mommy: Mommy doesn’t feel good

Remi: I love you soooo much! Does that make you feel better?

Mommy: A little…but cuddles make me feel even better!

Remi: I’m a puppy. This puppy can’t hug you!

Mommy: Mayleigh can hug me.

Remi: Well I can! Mayleigh!!!! Come here! Come into our life!

national train day

Trains play a big role in our family. For my step dad and husband, they provide a source of income for our families. For Remington, a source of entertainment. Me? I appreciate all of the commodities trains bring to us on a daily basis, the careers the guys in my life have with the railroad, and the sheer nostalgia and history of it all. National Train Day was celebrated on May 10th with a dedication of a newly restored 1940s depot which now serves at the Amtrak station in Longview. Of course I had to take Remington and Jarrett just happened to get home in time! Yay for family outings! We were able to watch a few trains roll by and tour some Amtrak cars that were set up museum-style.



Had to show of my Real Housewives of the Railroad shirt! We also got to see a pretty cool little historical marker–this brick my mom had made for my step dad. He’s been with Union Pacific for a long time!


I’m thinking the Real Housewives of the Railroad need our own reality show! ;)

xo, Kelsey