I’ve been writing down the cute things that Remington says since his first words. I love to share them with friends and family–sometimes in Facebook statuses and other times in a quick text message. I thought it would be a fun and memorable way to document those little conversations and phrases by sharing them here on the ol’ blog since it really is just one big family journal!


Convo #1:

Mommy: Oh, I missed you while you were at Honey and Poppa’s!

Remi: Don’t say that! It’s not good manners!

Convo #2:

Remi (looking at a baby picture of himself wearing a Zebra outfit): Why is that hat like that?

Mommy: Because it’s a zebra!

Remi: Ugh! Come on Mommy!

Convo #3:

Remi (opening the door to let our dog Mayleigh outside and spying a mud puddle): Look Mayleigh! There’s your chocolate milk!

Convo #4:

Mommy: Mommy doesn’t feel good

Remi: I love you soooo much! Does that make you feel better?

Mommy: A little…but cuddles make me feel even better!

Remi: I’m a puppy. This puppy can’t hug you!

Mommy: Mayleigh can hug me.

Remi: Well I can! Mayleigh!!!! Come here! Come into our life!


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