Convo #1:

Remi: Can we do bubbles?

Me: Not right now.

Remi: Can you say you’re just kidding?

Me: No.

Remi: Well, that makes me cry!

Convo #2:

Remi (to Mayleigh, the dog): You a sweet girl! I been missin’ y’all while I was at Honey’s! …You gonna talk?

Convo #3:

Remi (eating a cream filled donut): MMM! This is just like hot sauce!

Convo #4:

(Remi kept pretending to lick a bar of soap…)

Me: Remington! That’s yucky don’t lick that!

Remi: I just pretending! (accidentally licks soap)

Me: *hysterical laughter*

Remi: (looks shocked) It’s SO good!

Convo #5:

Me: When was the last time you went potty?

Remi: Sunday.

Convo #6:

Remi: Momma, I gotta talk to you a second. I forgive you. I forgive you for me and for Mayleigh.

Me: Forgive me for what?

Remi: Because I love you.



hot llama (hot lava)

parrots (pears)

apple pie (pineapple)

pitty (pretty)


2 thoughts on “Remi-isms

  1. This is SO cute. I had a cousin who actually loved licking/eating soap when she was little… after she took a bath at our house, she said, “Ew! Y’all’s soap doesn’t taste as good as our soap does!” :) I used to like the taste of deodorant when I was little. Kids are weird!! It’s awesome that you’re keeping track of these little things. My mom did the same thing.. she wrote all our funny stories and things in a journal that we called the “Funny Book”… and when we got old enough, our favorite thing was to take the funny book with us on vacations and read stories and laugh and remember good times!


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