Convo 1
(Doing laundry)
Remi: Can I help?
Me: Sure! (hands him jacket) Here, can you put this in the dryer for me?
Remi: (grabs jacket) Well, what do we have here?!

Convo 2
(Scrolling through tv channels)
Remi: I wanna watch that!
Me: Ok but I think it’s almost over.
Remi: It’s Handy Dandy!
Me: Handy Manny?
Remi: Yeah! It’s Handy Dandy!

Convo 3
(Driving to my parent’s house to check on things while they were out of town)
Remi: You’re right! We are at SuSu’s house!
Me: I told you we have to feed her dogs.
Remi: Is SuSu here?
Me: No baby.
Remi: Is she at the beach?
Me: Yes, that’s right.
Remi: Does she have a house there?
Me: Sort of.
Remi: (brokenhearted) Aw. Does she not like this house?!

Convo 4
Me: How’s your juice?
Remi: Not good.
Me: Not good?!
Remi: It’s spicy for you but it’s good for me.



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