Convo 1
Me: I don’t want Daddy to go to work.
Remi: Me either. Let’s hug each other.

Convo 2
Remi: Well, sometimes accidents happen. But sometimes accidents go away. And sometimes spankings happen. But they go away when I scratch them.

Convo 3
Remi: Do you love me when I’m big?
Me: I love you when you’re little and when you’re big.
Remi: (giggles)
Me: I love you EVEN when you teetee in your underwear.
Remi: NO!! You don’t love me! You spank me! And that’s how it works!!

Convo 4
Me: I brought you something.
Remi: That will chill my fuss out?

Convo 5
Remi: Do girls got booties, Momma?
Me: Yes.
Remi: Ugh! That’s weird!