Convo 1

Remi: Momma, I gotta lotta questions in my mouth but I don’t wanna tell you them.

Convo 2

Remi: Do you like me when I’m nekkid?

Convo 3

Remi: I’m beating Daddy up! Say “thank you!”

Convo 4

Remi: Thank you for keeping the potty warm!

Convo 5

Remi: Momma, I just returned. I returned back to being Remington.

Convo 6

Remi: I like to disobey nicely.

Convo 7

Daddy: Remi, throw me the remote.

Remi: That wasn’t a good choice was it, Daddy?

Convo 8

Remi: I’m trying to do a trick but it didn’t work. My magic won’t work because that why I’m not a real bagician.

Convo 9

Remi: I want something sweet. You and Daddy are sweet but I want a snack that’s sweet!

Convo 10

Remi: Momma, I got juice allll over me and the chair.

Me: Go to the sink and get the red towel to wipe it up.

Remi: But I want this towel.

Me: Ok…then use it.

Remi: I’m using it! Settle down!

Convo 11

Remi: Will you pull my leg sleeves down?

Convo 12

Remi: Holy moly, Mommy! My room is SO messy! I think some other child did it and it wasn’t me!

Convo 13

Remi: Jesus, I want to get in heaven with you. Jesus, what’s your favorite thing? Hats? Whats your favorite thing?? Candles? You like candles? I got candles at my house!