I’ve been writing these down and saving them for quite some time so these are all pre-Ruby Kate quotes. Generally, I wait until I have a few good ones to share but I’m so behind that these are from the month of January!


Convo 1

“Mom, thanks for being you.”

Convo 2

(discussing guns)
“Momma, I’m the betterest shotter.”

Convo 3

(watching a show on TV)
“They are going to be married?? You got to be kidding me!”

Convo 4

“I’m just being good for goodness sake!”

Convo 5

Remi: Do you wanna lell (yell)?
Me: No I want to snuggle!
Remi: to yourself about that because those are your choices!

Convo 6

“When the cold weather goes away and the warm weather comes, baby sister will pop out! And I will come in the room and say, ‘OH holy gosh!'”

Convo 7

“I’m thirsty and hungry and I want Daddy to come home and I want you to hug me and I want to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 sleepovers at my house.” (run-on sentence because I’m pretty sure he didn’t take a breath!)

Convo 8

(we were having a conversation with about how baby animals & human babies nurse.. I was trying to give him an age appropriate understanding of breastfeeding before little sister arrived)

“ummm…that makes me a little bit nervous” (I’m still laughing at that one!!!)

Convo 9

“Daddy, there’s one thing your kid likes and that’s fried chicken!”

Convo 10

“We live on a round ball and it wiggles. Feel it wiggling, Momma? You know who is making it wiggle? Jesus. You know why He makes it wiggle? So we can get our energy! And Jesus likes the earf.” (I wish I could say earf instead of earth and sound as cute!)


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