(Continuing the pre- Ruby Kate quotes)


Convo 1

(Remi saw an old picture of himself on a white quilt)

“Umm…why am I on a cloud?”

Convo 2

(Jarrett was watching Jaws on TV)

“Daddy, is that Finding Nemo?”

Convo 3

(Mayleigh is our dog)

“Mayleigh’s my girl and I’m her man. We’re married.”

Convo 4

Me: Remi, please be careful. You’re digging your elbow in Mommy’s belly.

Remi: I don’t wanna hurt you because I’m a gentle kid!

Convo 5

Me: Why must you mess with everything?!

Remi: Ugh! I dont know, Mom! But I won’t when I get bigger!

Convo 6

Me: We just got baby sister’s crib sheet!


Convo 7

(Jarrett and I kissed)

“Aww! That was so sweet! Do it again!”

Convo 8

“I pooted in my car seat. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I keep doing that. Oh. I know why! Jesus makes me poot.”

Convo 9

“I hope Ruby Kate says a lot of questions like I do!”

Convo 10

Remi: Momma, you’re so sweet

Me: Maybe I’m sweet because I have a sweet little boy

Remi: No, Momma!! You just have a sweet heart!


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