(continuing pre- Ruby Kate quotes)


Convo 1

(watching TV)

“Holy smokes, Momma! Dora’s bracelet spins!”

Convo 2

(sleeping Remi..yes, he talks in his sleep!!)

“Isn’t that so cool? Even cooler than me.”

Convo 3

“I just wanna look at your cute smiling face.”

Convo 4

“I like when you have those pink lips and those pretty eyes.”

Convo 5

“You know what you are? You’re a sweetie pie.”

Convo 6

(hugs my belly)

Remi: I love you, Ruby Kate!

me: Aww she is so lucky to have you as a big brother!

Remi: Well I’m lucky to have her! We’re a family and that’s what we do.

Convo 7

(talking about Jarrett)

“He just doesn’t get it. He’s just an awkward daddy.”

Convo 8

“I hope there’s a TV in God’s neighborhood.”


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