Finally caught up to Ruby Kate’s birth! Remi is so smitten with his baby and has said some of the sweetest things about her!


Convo 1

“Aww look at that sleepin’ beauty cutie!”

Convo 2

(RK had the hiccups)

“Cover your mouth!!!”

Convo 3

“Oh yum, yum, yum, yum! Crusty, delicious BACON!”

Convo 4

(RK crying)

“It’s ok, my angel!!”

Convo 5

“Am I big enough to go to high school yet?”

Convo 6

“Is there any signs in here for people to know this is SuSu’s house?”

Convo 7

Remi: I blew up my juice at school.

me: What does blow up your juice mean?!

Remi: That’s only the answer for Jesus.

Convo 8

Me: How does your new allergy medicine taste?

Remi: Like cinnamon roll socks!

Convo 9

(after blowing out birthday candles)

“I maked a wish that you would always be my Momma!” (sweetest thing ever!!)

Convo 10

“I love you too, Momma. And I don’t want you to never go to jail or nuffin!” (ummm…lets hope not!)


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