Convo 1

“Ouch! I need a walker!”

Convo 2

“We have so many feelings inside our body, right?”

Convo 3

“Hey Rube-Rube! You’re a cutie ball!”

Convo 4

(walking in the neighborhood)

me: Doesn’t this wind feel so good? It’s blowing through my hair!

Remi: It’s blowing through my I’m a ghost!

Convo 5

“Ruby is a sweet little pancake!”

Convo 6

me: Remi, please leave sister alone.

Remi: Momma, she’s too cute for me to stop touching!

Convo 7

(talking about his Vacation Bible School performance at church)

“I can’t wait to see you on stage and see those cute little Momma eyes!”

Convo 8

Remi: The doctor told me to eat gums every day.

me: Hmm..I was in there and I’m pretty sure they didn’t say that.

Remi: Yes he did! It was before you were in there.

me: Your doctor isn’t a “he” so which doctor was it?

Remi: Ummm…Tibiletti (my ob/gyn). And he told me to spit it out on night time. Did you know that?

Convo 9

“See Ruby? She’s just staring at my face–looking at me cause I’m handsome.”

Convo 10

“I kissed Ruby. Ruby is like a sweet, sweet, sweet snack!”


2 thoughts on “Remi-isms

  1. Ohhh! And i love the wind through my hair! Ruby is too cute to Stop touching! What a sweet Thing to Say!

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  2. Omg I love #8…he is so funny! I love to read these. I worked with “Honey” at Gay Avenue and I remember her being so excited this little fella was coming into the world! Keep posting the Remi-isms…it reminds me of my son and his comments that came out of nowhere! I wish I would have written them down. You have a beautiful family!


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