Convo 1

Remi: (being silly) I just rolled my eyes and said “oh!”

Me: Baby, lets not do that. It’s disrespectful…That means it’s not good manners. 

Remi: But I did it nicely!

Convo 2

“You know what I’m allergic of? Chicken polar bears”

Convo 3

“They’re taking our trash. I love those guys. That’s what I’m gonna be when I grow up. Trash man guy.”

Convo 4

(Remi was messing with his feet)

Me: Don’t pick at your mosquito bites. 

Remi: I’m not picking. 

Me: What are you doing?

Remi: I’m getting some fresh air in my toes. 

Convo 5

Remi: (talking about his stuffed animal named Chase) He used to be a man Chase but now he’s a girl Chase. 

Me: Kinda like Caitlyn Jenner..

Remi: huh? Is Caitlyn Jenner a man or a girl?

J & I: (in unison) We don’t know!

Convo 6

Remi: Captain lady’s orders!

Me: Am I the captain lady?

Remi: Yes, you are. Shiver me timbers! Momma’s the captain lady!

Convo 7 

“Ruby Kate Lange is the sweetest, bestest baby of all!”

Convo 8

“Oh baby! I’m so excited”

Convo 9

“But whenever Jesus comes to pick all of us up you’re gonna be the last one to pick up.”


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