Convo 1

Me: I need to look up a few things online. Sometimes when you don’t know something you can find the answers online. 

Remi: You mean

Me: Haha yes. How do you know about dot com?

Remi: Because I see that on TV!

Convo 2

(I hear Ruby crying and let out a sigh)

Remi: Listen mom, I know you’re frust-a-rated…

Convo 3

“It’s gonna be scary. You might frighten. It’s Mickeys special Halloween party.”

Convo 4

“Momma, me and Daddy both love chips SO much and I love Cheetos the mostest.”

Convo 5

“Daddy are we going hunting? Is it hunting season? Let’s look for some deers. Let’s pow-pow them.”

Convo 6

(Remi kept wanting to put his underwear in the washing machine. I didn’t want to forget about them so I told him he could just put them in the laundry basket. He was persistent.)

Me: I’m not going to do laundry any time soon..just put them in the basket!

Remi: Well, I think I better tell you the truth….I had a little accident…

Convo 7

“I got to pick an army man from the treasure chest at school!!!”

(30 seconds later)

“I bet this has germs all over it!!”

Convo 8

“Momma, you don’t know anything but Jesus does!”

Convo 9

“When we get up to heaven you’re gonna have to ask Jesus why kids can’t have coffee!”

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