Convo 1

“I always have bad days and I only had one good day. And it was on Christmas when I was two.”

Convo 2

(Remi noticed that I bought applesauce cups instead of the usual squeeze pouches)

“Mom! Do you see how big I am?! I don’t eat applesauce out of a cup! That’s for babies!”

Convo 3

(to me)

“When she spits her paci out, I am not happy with her!”

(to Ruby)

“Ruby! You have to stop doing this! You’re a big girl!”

Convo 4

“Momma, listen, I know I’m not an adult. But. Ugh. Nevermind. I’m not gonna say it…

…Well, I thought maybe Joseph was dead. But you said he’s in heaven. So that means he’s alive!”

Convo 5

“My eyes are kinda minty.”

Convo 6

“I don’t wanna get married. I just am. That’s how Jesus makes the world.”

Convo 7

“Did you know that rats have nest-es? They make their nests bigger…bigger than a monster, I guess.”

Convo 8

“I feel like I’m a man because I have money and a hat.”

Convo 9

Me: Those are cute socks!

Remi: Can you imagine me wearing them?

Convo 10

“I’m gonna pray for Santa to bring a baby doll to Ruby. But we don’t pray to Santa!”

Convo 11

“Hey! I want those green muscle things (hand weights) so I can be strong like Jesus!”

Convo 12

“My tummy is like, ‘Yeah. I’m done. I’m full.'”

Convo 13

“I wanna read the story about Adam and the girl human that Jesus made.”






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