Convo 1

Me: Ok, you have a sandwich, applesauce & goldfish in your lunch box.

Remi: That’s a pretty small lunch.

Convo 2

(playing on the piano)

“This is a sad song because somebody got hurt and now they’re at the hospital.”

Convo 3

“I’m gonna need a booty scratcher for Christmas. OK? But don’t talk about my booty. Don’t talk nooooo business about that. Just say, ‘Remi needs a scratcher for his bottom.’ Because that sounds better. Say that.”

Convo 4

“I love  Jesus more than anyone in the world. My heart’s so big to Jesus.”

Convo 5

(Remi calls my Pandora charm bracelet my remembering bracelet. He likes to point out each charm and tell me what he thinks they mean.)

“..and this was when I was first made’d out of heaven. That’s the angel. That’s the remembery!”

Convo 6

“I’m gonna do my cheers (chores) then I’m gonna go outside!”

Convo 7

“I’m a little bit scared but I’m gonna be a lotta brave!”

Convo 8

Jarrett: I’m on vacation, buddy. I’m off work for 7 days.

Remi: SEVEN?! That’s too much!

Convo 9

“No. I didn’t toot. You’re just imaginatin’.”

Convo 10

Remi: I don’t mean what I said the other day.

Me: What was it?

Remi: About Batman.

Me: What did you say?

Remi: That I liked Batman better than you. And I’m really kinda sorry about it.

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