So sorry if some of these are redundant! I found them in a note from April in my phone and didn’t think I ever used them! I really need to change the picture for the Remi-isms posts since he’s in Kinder now and this pic is at least 2 years old…one day!


Convo 1

Me: I’m worn slap out!

Remi: That’s a bad word.

Me: Slap?

Remi: Yeah.

Me: Oh…sorry. I didn’t know.

Remi: It’s ok. Everyone makes mistakes.

Convo 2

(while shopping for Ruby’s birthday party a few months back)

Me: Let me know if you see anything with palm trees or flamingos.


Me: Where?!

Remi: I was just trickin’ you!

Me: That wasn’t nice!

Remi: But it was funny!

Convo 3

Remi: That kinda looks like palm trees.

Me: You’re right. It does.

Remi: Hey! We should get that just to shake things up at Ruby’s birthday party!

Convo 4

“My little head is full of smarties!”

Convo 5

(after Jarrett hung up the phone because of a bad connection)

“I can’t believe he hung up on his own son!!”

Convo 6

(I’m sure you’ve heard the story of me having to bring Remi a second lunch to the school because he decided to eat the one I packed him for breakfast. I sent the second lunch in a brown paper sack. He pulled the paper sack out as soon as he got in the car that afternoon..)

“For goodness sake, I put this in my backpack sneakily so my teacher wouldn’t throw it away!”

Convo 7

“Mrs. Townsend, I’m so tired. I really want to go home and snuggle up in my sheets on the couch and watch Netflix on the TV. Please.”

Convo 8

(said to my brother-in-law, Dakota, while he was spraying off the carport with water)

Remi: You better not even think about spraying me with that, KoKo!

Dakota: What are you gonna do about it?

Remi: I’m gonna tell my Momma!

Dakota: Oh yeah? And what’s she gonna do?

Remi: She’s gonna give you a spankin’!

Convo 9

Remi: Momma, I wanna sing you a new song so you’ll remember it.

Me: After dinner, ok?

Remi: No, I can eat and sing.

Me: You can’t talk with your mouth full.

Jarrett: Mamaw told me a long time ago that you’re not supposed to sing at the dinner table. You know why?

Remi: Why?

Jarrett: You’ll marry a crazy woman. I should have listened to her.

Remi: Daddy! You think my mom is crazy but she’s not!!

Convo 10

(on the phone with my mother-in-law, aka Honey)

“Honey, I’m gonna go where no one can hear our words.”

(I follow him in his room to see what on earth he’s talking about)

“Ummmm…Mom, can you give me and Honey some privity?”

Convo 11

“…And thank you for Gladewater. And Longview. And for letting us live where my Daddy grew up. Amen.”

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