Fundraising made easy

Hey friends & family! As most of you probably know, Remington is in Kindergarten this year. He loves it! Having a kiddo in “big school” is lots of fun for Jarrett and I, but it’s also our first time dealing with fundraising since being in school ourselves. I have to say, it’s come a long way from the glory days of door-to-door wrapping paper sales! (According to Jarrett, that was just my school–his sold cookie dough and pizza!! haha!)

Meet SchoolStore.

I love the concept for this fundraiser because it truly takes the pressure off.
1. It’s year-round.
-No stressful time constraints and no nagging daily reminders (though I may post reminders occasionally throughout the year)
2. It is 100% online.
-Most of us already utilize the internet daily. I love that this fundraiser doesn’t require the hassle of spreadsheets or attempting to collect money! Shop in your pjs if you like!
3. You are probably already shopping with the online merchants that will donate a percentage back to the school.
-So convenient for those that love to Christmas shop exclusively online!

Ways to support the school:

1. Donate a gift card to Remi’s teacher to shop for essential classroom supplies.
2. Shop the Family Book Store to purchase or renew a magazine subscription or select from the inventory of cookbooks, DVDs, etc.
-The school receives up to 50% of the total purchase
3. Shop online. Sign in to to shop with over 400 merchants. A percentage of the total purchase goes back to the school.
I’ll post the link below. If you have any trouble, send me a message! The website seems fairly easy to navigate.
** The Family Book Store purchases contribute to Remington winning a prize.

We are passionate about education and want to do our part. Thank you in advance for helping Remi’s school!


P.S. We would also love to receive any Box Tops you may have around the house! Those help support our school as well and Remi is in a little classroom competition to collect the most!