Convo 1

(looking at a bruised banana that I promised him would still taste fine)

“I don’t think I trust you, banana…”

Convo 2

Remi: Ruby spent the night with Honey? Away from you? I don’t like that idea! Babies are not big enough to stay with Honey and Poppa!

Me: But you used to stay with Honey and Poppa when you were a baby.

Remi: Well, that’s not good either! Well, it can be okay when mommies are sick but it cannot be okay if mommy is not sick!

Convo 3

“I never knew little babies would be so much trouble.”

Convo 4

“If you ever need anyone to vacuum, just ask me. I’ll do it for you. Cause I’ll do anything for you. And for the floor…to get that floor clean!”

Convo 5

(Remi feeding Ruby)

“Mom, quit distracting her!!”

Convo 6

“Ruby, sometimes I think you cry just to get some attention!”

Convo 7

“I was a baby and then I grew up a little bit and then when I was 3 you told me, ‘This is the earth. This is where you’re gonna live…in Longview.'”

Convo 8

Me: I need you to do something for me real quick then you can go back to your hiding spot.

Remi: This is not a hiding spot! It’s a pouting spot!

Convo 9

Me: What did you do with it??

Remi: What?

Me: The spanking spoon! Where is it?

Remi: I haven’t touched it in like 40 days!!!

Convo 10

(I had convinced Remi that Spring Break was for spring cleaning. He was gung-ho for a day or two and then when I asked him to do something…)

Remi:  I thought it was Spring Break…

Me: It is.

Remi: Then why am I not getting a break?



Convo 1

Remi: Momma, I gotta secret. You can’t tell anybody. I was sleepy at school. I missed my Momma & Daddy.

Me: Awww that’s so sweet! We missed you too!

Remi: (snuggles up next to me & sighs) I’m glad I just have my underpants on and nothing else.

Convo 2

“I think I just broke my elbow and cracked my knee! For real!”

Convo 3

Me: Are you going to drive Ruby around when you get a car?

Remi: YEAH! To the beach! Or maybe Target.

Convo 4

“This is gonna be greater than chocolate milk! Actually, I love chocolate milk very much…”

Convo 5

(Ruby laughed and coughed at the same time)

Me: What are you doing, Ruby?

Remi: She’s getting some energy in her throat.

Me: Oh?

Remi: No, Mom. For real.

Convo 6

Remi: I’m a wet blanket, Mom.

Me: (laughing uncontrollably) Why are you a wet blanket??

Remi: Because that’s what [Aunt] Cheri says!

Convo 7

(Remi taking a bath)

“Belly button, do your job to get bathed!”

Convo 8

(whispered to me during my sister’s wedding ceremony)

“I’m so excited for them to kiss!!!”

Convo 9

(While at my sister’s wedding reception, Remi busted his head open. I think he must have been delirious because Jarrett and I still have no idea what he was talking about! haha)

“Well, Daddy, now I’m at the hospital and you didn’t care about me! I was crying a minute ago and you didn’t even care!”

Convo 10

Me: Let me know if your forehead starts hurting and I can give you some medicine.

Remi: You’re the best medicine girl for me!

Convo 11

(We made a Valentine box at home. Remi’s looked like a steam engine and I wrote Remington’s Love Express on the front.)

“Instead of the Polar Express, it’s Remington’s Love Express? How fun & cute, Momma! I’ll remember that from now on!”


Convo 1

(Watching Downton Abbey)

“Is it over? Without a happy ending?”

Convo 2

Me: it’s not funny!

Remi: It is funny. A Little. None, actually none. 

Convo 3

“Is Ruby asleep? Ok, I’ll be quiet. I’ll be quiet as a rat and a mouse. Both.”

Convo 4

Me: What was that sound?

Remi: Maybe it was Jesus calling you…Saying, “I love you.”

Convo 5

(Remi sleeps with an essential oil diffuser in his room)

“Why didn’t you turn my confuser on?”

Convo 6

(Trying to brighten up a picture I took that turned out dark)

Me: which one (filter) should I choose?

Remi: ummm…you know…maybe something more stylish?

Convo 7

(Remi comes running into the room where I am)

“Mommy, Mommy! I gotta tell you something!! Daddy gave Ruby a bean and it was too hot and it make’d her cry!”

Convo 8

Jarrett: Hey, buddy, are you hungry yet?

Remi: Uh, not yet, Daddy, but thanks for askin’!

Convo 9

“Ruby, why don’t you stop that laughing so brother can have some quiet time?!”



Convo 1

(Jarrett and Remi in the deer stand, 6:15 am)

Remi: (spills goldfish on the floor) Daddy, quick! Go get Mayleigh! She will eat them!

Jarrett: Mayleigh is at home. We aren’t going to get her.

Remi: Fine. I’ll eat them.

Jarrett: No, I’ll throw them out.

Remi: Good thinkin’, Daddy! Deers love goldfish!

Convo 2

“You know what? You’re Wonder Woman, Momma. And I’m Super Man. And Daddy’s a baby Super Man.”

Convo 3

“You’re the most pwettiest girl in the world. And I’m happy Jesus made you. That’s what I’m thankful for!”

Convo 4

Me: LoLo’s almost here.

Remi: What?! Oh my God! Momma, I said Oh my God!

Me: Remi! We don’t say that!

Remi: Sorry!!! HOLY SMOKES! Is that better?

Convo 5

(Jarrett and I were play arguing)

Remi: Listen, we’re a family here!!

Convo 6

(very entertaining conversation between Remi and Siri on my phone)

Remi: I want you to get me a new game, please.

Siri: I’m not sure I know what you’re sayin.

Remi:I want a new game! Please!

Siri: I’m not sure I understand you, Kelsey

Remi: I’m not Kelsey! I’m Remington! I just want a new game. Please, please, please, please…

Siri: Ok. Here’s what I found on the web for “I want a new game please please please..”

Remi: Thank you so very much!

Siri: Just doing my job.

Convo 7

Jarrett: Remi, I don’t like getting a bad report. You’re supposed to be the man of the house when I’m gone. You listen to your Momma and do what she says.

Remi: Is that what you do? Do you do what Momma says?

Jarrett: I try.

Remi: But do you do it?

Convo 8

Jarrett: Hey, run get me a napkin real quick.

Remi: (long, dramatic groan)

Jarrett: What did you say?

Remi: I said “yes sir, yes sir, yes sir” like four or five times!


Auld “Lange” Syne

There’s nothing like adding a new member to your family to make a year memorable. Add in a trip to the beach with a four-year-old and an infant, starting a rigorous new Bible study, selling our first home, moving, and starting the building process…2015 held so many treasured, blessed, exhausting moments. If I’m being honest, I had to look at pictures just to remember what we did this year! The lack of sleep is getting to me, people! Fortuntely, my 8-month-old has FINALLY started sleeping through the night. Most of the time. (cue the Hallelujah chorus) I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store but I’d like to catch my breath first. That’s how life works, right?!

I’m not usually one to make resolutions. They’re either unattainable, unmet or uninspired. I remember a particular year in middle school that one of my resolutions was to “wear crazy eyeshadow colors. like yellow.” Yikes! Thankfully, that never happened!

This year, in an effort to simplify my life and streamline my thoughts, actions, belongings, & body (HA!)–I figured some goals should be set in place. All too often, I muddle through the day as a stay at home mom. I feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at the same time. If I’m being honest, some days I wake up looking forward to bedtime. When bedtime rolls around, I feel disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more than keeping everyone fed and safe. I know being home with my babies is my greatest ministry right now. There truly is no where else I’d rather be and I’m beyond thankful. I think it’s important; however, to acknowledge these feelings and have a game plan for combating them.

Putting those goals here for all to see should hold me accountable! I know I won’t be able to accomplish everything on this list; however, it is a reflection of the person I’d like to be. And in keeping with the goal of giving myself grace, I’m going to try not to stress over the things that aren’t crossed off my list!


Mom/Wife Goals

  • Cook more often
  • Ask for help before losing my mind
  • Plan more dates
  • Actually play with my kids
  • Give and receive grace
  • Let go of guilt (particularly mom guilt)
  • Laugh! Stop being so serious 24/7

Family Goals

  • Take more pictures of the four of us
  • Learn & memorize scripture
  • Eat healthier
  • Be more active
  • Simplify our belongings–only keep things we love and use regularly

Personal Goals

  • Give myself permission to say “no” to things that I don’t want to do and “yes” to things that I do want (sounds simple, yes?)
  • Create–just for the love of it
  • Daily quiet time
  • Stop being ruled by a fear of failure
  • Exercise 3x/week even if it’s just 20 minutes of stretching/yoga
  • Utilize a daily schedule to make better use of my time and energy
  • Designate time to spend by myself recharging


For someone that doesn’t usually participate in New Year’s Resolutions, that sure looks like a lot! I think it will be interesting to review these at the end of 2016 to see what I accomplished. What are your goals for 2016? I’d love for you to leave them in the comments!



I love it so bad!

I’m still a kid at heart on Christmas Eve because I can never sleep! I’m the only one awake & figured now would be the prime time to sift through all of the Christmas pictures I’ve been meaning to post. I’m feeling extra thankful tonight for the sweet family I’ve been given. As Remi said while opening gifts at Christmas Eve brunch, “I love it, love it, love it! I love it so bad!!!!” Perfect description of how I feel about this time of year! #AllTheFeels 

Back in October we had pictures with Santa. Don’t ask me why I’m finally posting them. My only valid excuse is that I was waiting until after Thanksgiving to share & then we moved & my mind has been elsewhere for the most of November & December! Whoops! Better late than never. We loved our pics with Santa last year and were so excited again this year. I don’t think Remi was anticipating having to share Santa with his baby sister. Haha! We love that jolly guy! _DSC0518_DSC0520_DSC0523_DSC0530_DSC0546_DSC0549_DSC0559_DSC0592
My inlaws had a friend take pictures of them along with Remi and Ruby Kate for Christmas cards. They turned out pretty cute considering neither kid wanted to cooperate! Typical! _DSC7605-176_DSC7609-183_DSC7627-219_DSC7637-240_DSC7650-9_DSC7653-12_DSC7656-15_DSC7673-32_DSC7678-37_DSC7684-43_DSC7708-67

Love those little stinkers! Sometimes I can’t help but imagine humorous dialogue between the two of them! For once I’m pretty sure the eye rolling during a picture session isn’t directed toward me! 
If you haven’t seen the “Movie on Cwismus” that our church media team put together, you must check it out! It’s such a sweet perspective on the Christmas story. Remi was asked to participate and it’s by far one of my favorite experiences to date!

Remi’s long-winded note to Santa was too funny not to share:

“Dear Santa,

I got you some cookies and I hope you love them and I hope you enjoy them. Santa, I love you and I hope your reindeer enjoy the carrots. Thank you for the presents. Santa, I’ve been good and some I’ve been bad. And now I’m gonna be nice all day long! We got it all decorated and we’re bout to put up the fire. We got the stockings hanged up for the candy. I’m spending the night with SuSu so you got to come to SuSu’s so I can get my presents. And all I want for Christmas is Joker. I hope Mrs. Claus is going to be great and I hope she takes care of the elves. 

Love, Remi 

(And Ruby Kate too!)” 

I can’t wait to see the faces of these little loves in the morning when they see their gifts! There’s nothing like seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!



Convo 1

Me: Ok, you have a sandwich, applesauce & goldfish in your lunch box.

Remi: That’s a pretty small lunch.

Convo 2

(playing on the piano)

“This is a sad song because somebody got hurt and now they’re at the hospital.”

Convo 3

“I’m gonna need a booty scratcher for Christmas. OK? But don’t talk about my booty. Don’t talk nooooo business about that. Just say, ‘Remi needs a scratcher for his bottom.’ Because that sounds better. Say that.”

Convo 4

“I love  Jesus more than anyone in the world. My heart’s so big to Jesus.”

Convo 5

(Remi calls my Pandora charm bracelet my remembering bracelet. He likes to point out each charm and tell me what he thinks they mean.)

“..and this was when I was first made’d out of heaven. That’s the angel. That’s the remembery!”

Convo 6

“I’m gonna do my cheers (chores) then I’m gonna go outside!”

Convo 7

“I’m a little bit scared but I’m gonna be a lotta brave!”

Convo 8

Jarrett: I’m on vacation, buddy. I’m off work for 7 days.

Remi: SEVEN?! That’s too much!

Convo 9

“No. I didn’t toot. You’re just imaginatin’.”

Convo 10

Remi: I don’t mean what I said the other day.

Me: What was it?

Remi: About Batman.

Me: What did you say?

Remi: That I liked Batman better than you. And I’m really kinda sorry about it.



Convo 1

“I always have bad days and I only had one good day. And it was on Christmas when I was two.”

Convo 2

(Remi noticed that I bought applesauce cups instead of the usual squeeze pouches)

“Mom! Do you see how big I am?! I don’t eat applesauce out of a cup! That’s for babies!”

Convo 3

(to me)

“When she spits her paci out, I am not happy with her!”

(to Ruby)

“Ruby! You have to stop doing this! You’re a big girl!”

Convo 4

“Momma, listen, I know I’m not an adult. But. Ugh. Nevermind. I’m not gonna say it…

…Well, I thought maybe Joseph was dead. But you said he’s in heaven. So that means he’s alive!”

Convo 5

“My eyes are kinda minty.”

Convo 6

“I don’t wanna get married. I just am. That’s how Jesus makes the world.”

Convo 7

“Did you know that rats have nest-es? They make their nests bigger…bigger than a monster, I guess.”

Convo 8

“I feel like I’m a man because I have money and a hat.”

Convo 9

Me: Those are cute socks!

Remi: Can you imagine me wearing them?

Convo 10

“I’m gonna pray for Santa to bring a baby doll to Ruby. But we don’t pray to Santa!”

Convo 11

“Hey! I want those green muscle things (hand weights) so I can be strong like Jesus!”

Convo 12

“My tummy is like, ‘Yeah. I’m done. I’m full.'”

Convo 13

“I wanna read the story about Adam and the girl human that Jesus made.”








Convo 1

Me: I need to look up a few things online. Sometimes when you don’t know something you can find the answers online. 

Remi: You mean

Me: Haha yes. How do you know about dot com?

Remi: Because I see that on TV!

Convo 2

(I hear Ruby crying and let out a sigh)

Remi: Listen mom, I know you’re frust-a-rated…

Convo 3

“It’s gonna be scary. You might frighten. It’s Mickeys special Halloween party.”

Convo 4

“Momma, me and Daddy both love chips SO much and I love Cheetos the mostest.”

Convo 5

“Daddy are we going hunting? Is it hunting season? Let’s look for some deers. Let’s pow-pow them.”

Convo 6

(Remi kept wanting to put his underwear in the washing machine. I didn’t want to forget about them so I told him he could just put them in the laundry basket. He was persistent.)

Me: I’m not going to do laundry any time soon..just put them in the basket!

Remi: Well, I think I better tell you the truth….I had a little accident…

Convo 7

“I got to pick an army man from the treasure chest at school!!!”

(30 seconds later)

“I bet this has germs all over it!!”

Convo 8

“Momma, you don’t know anything but Jesus does!”

Convo 9

“When we get up to heaven you’re gonna have to ask Jesus why kids can’t have coffee!”

new mom essentials

new mom essentials
After having my second child, I’ve come to discover that there are thousands of “must have” products for mom and baby. Everyone has different needs of course, but I like to keep the gadgets to a minimum and really stick to the tried and true basics. I don’t label myself with a certain parenting style; I just do what works for my kids and I.

Milk Snob Multi-Functional Nursing Cover– I was totally convinced that using a blanket to cover up was just fine. I rarely had to nurse in public with my first child so I expected the same for my second. I’d have no need for a nursing cover, right? Wrong. Enter Miss Priss who does NOT want to be covered with a blanket. On a whim, I entered a Milk Snob giveaway on Instagram and won! I figured I’d snag one of these multi-purpose covers even if I didn’t use it for nursing. I’m so glad I did! It’s the softest, stretchiest material and my wild child cannot escape it! I haven’t used it as an infant car seat cover since we had to switch to a convertible car seat but I do look forward to using it with grocery carts in the future. I love the functionality of this product and can attest to the fact that the design is well thought out. Created for moms by a mom–can’t beat that!

Carter’s Swaddle Blankets– Once again, baby #2 keeping Momma on her toes. I swaddled my first baby for about a week & neither of us noticed when we stopped. This second child of mine; however, is still going strong with the swaddle at 6 months old. She may still need me to swaddle her in college. Who knows… HA! But on a more serious note, I really loved these blankets. I registered for them thinking I’d use them as a car seat blanket but they ended up being the perfect swaddle size for my new babe. These were great for the first 3-4 months until she outgrew them and we moved to a larger Muslin blanket. I loved the stretch of this material that allowed me to wrap her super snug. We still use them often. I linked to the ones we got from Target, but these can be found at a number of stores. They’ve also held up really well to numerous washings…unlike the expensive Muslin blanket I bought on Etsy…

Nursing Tanks– Totally necessary for me. Available in all price ranges and styles. Comfy enough to sleep in and supportive enough to wear under a top in lieu of a bra. I have at least 3 of these that I rotate out.

Milk Barn Burp Cloths– Another one of those multipurpose items. I received these as a gift–something I would probably not have bought for myself–and have loved, loved them! I know you’re thinking “umm…its a piece of cloth..” and I’ll admit I felt the same until I used them. They have some of the prettiest patterns and get softer with every wash. When my babe was first born, I was actually able to swaddle her in them. Seriously..she’s wrapped in one in here newborn portraits! They were also a great size to use in the car as a light blanket. Now, she likes to hold them like a lovie and they aren’t as cumbersome as some larger blankets can be.

Yoga Pants- Just buy yourself a fresh pair. You deserve it. I bought a pair on a whim during my last pregnant grocery shopping trip at Walmart and believe it or not, they have been some of my favorites.

Solly Baby Wrap– Baby #1 was just fine in the car seat/infant carrier and rode in the shopping cart with no issues. Baby #2 made me wish I had never stepped foot inside the grocery store. Are you sensing a theme here?! This little gem of a wrap has been a true lifesaver in allowing me to get out of the house with my newborn. Because apparently staying home for the first 3 months of your new baby’s life is frowned upon. Weird. Some may view this as a pricey product, but I’d say it is worth every penny!

Button Down Dress– Buttons on a dress or top = easy access for breastfeeding. Bonus points for chambray.

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag– If I’m going to give up carrying a cute purse in exchange for lugging all. the. baby. things. I’m going to do it in style. Black and white stripes are classic enough to look nice with nearly everything and trendy enough to make me not feel like a bore. This bag has been great: roomy with lots of pockets, pouches and compartments. It comes with a messenger strap but I prefer to use the backpack straps. The backpack style has been helpful in keeping my hands free and my bag from sliding off my shoulders. I can definitely support spending a good chunk of change for a quality diaper bag.

The extras
MAM pacifiers are the only kind of pacifiers my babies would take. We’ve gone through a lot of them in our household! Partly because I like to have extras laying around and partly because I love to find (and buy) all of the different designs!
I used this hospital gown and still use it at home as a robe. It’s so pretty!
This sound machine. Because we are not a quiet family. And because my sweet, precious baby is THE lightest sleeper ever.
Disposable changing pads are like gold to me because I spent more money than I should have on a pretty changing pad cover. I know, I know. But I bought what my pregnant hormonal soul wanted. There was no arguing with the hormones. I put one of these down on top of said expensive changing pad cover and use it until it gets dirty then I toss it. This is what I call laundry prevention.
I do not sell Young Living oils. I do use them for anything and everything. Love. Them. Some of my personal favorites for kids/babies are Gentle Baby, Lavender, SniffleEase, and TummyGize. I’ve currently been diffusing Gentle Baby and SniffleEase in the nursery and it’s the best! It’s helped both of us with our congestion.


Swaddling. The normal swaddle works great for sleepy newborn babies. However, once they start moving those arms and deciding to be baby Houdini, you’ve got to step up your swaddle game. Enter: the double swaddle. There are several different ways to do this, but this one is fairly simple. It has exponentially increased the amount of sleep I get because baby girl can no longer play Ricky Bobby in her sleep.

Well, that was fun! This post has been six months in the making and I’m happy to finally be able to complete it! What are some of your new mom and baby must haves? Share them in the comments!