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Close the door. Write with no one looking over your shoulder. Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.

Barbara Kingsolver


I started this blog in January of 2013. As a stay-at-home-mom, blogging was an outlet for me. It gave me a place to share my thoughts, triumphs and fears. Blogging meant I didn’t have to carry on a one-sided conversation with a toddler or bombard my husband as soon as he walked in the door. Writing has always been a cathartic process for me. Just the act of typing out all of the craziness in my head gave some validity to what I was thinking or feeling at the time.

print by Pen and Paint

print by Pen and Paint

I love the fact that a blog can be used to document life. What first started as blogging to get out of my own head or provide clarity to a situation became blogging to share our every day moments with friends and family that we didn’t get to see as often as we’d like. Like the scrapbook that I {bought supplies for} and never made, this blog contains snippets of our life–pictures, embellishments, and scraps of the things we’ve done, seen, wished for and loved. I write down things that I never want to forget. I hope that one day Remi will be able to read some of these posts and have an idea of what our life was like when he was young(er) and know how loved he is.

always w i s h

always w i s h

I know blogging doesn’t make sense to a lot of people and that’s ok. If you like reading the rambling thoughts of a young wife and momma and seeing pictures of a cute, shaggy haired boy, then rock on. If not, that’s cool too. As I blog a little and learn a lot, I’m finding it’s all about what works for you and your family. Just don’t forget to make memories along the way.

Photo May 05, 6 43 10 PM

xo, Kelsey

Easter pictures {part two}

Technically, these are really our Easter pictures, taken on Easter Sunday. The other pictures I posted {mainly of Remi} were from a few days before Easter. We had a great Easter and I’m so glad Jarrett got to be home! We were able to celebrate by going to church as a family {woohoo!} and then had lunch at my mom’s house. The Easter Bunny still visits and fills our old baskets. :) Remi had lots of fun checking out his new goodies, hunting eggs and dying them too!

Tip: click on a picture to view it larger and scroll through.

I love that all families celebrate differently. What are your Easter traditions?

xo, Kelsey

Easter pictures

After waking up at 5:30am for a 7:15am wedding hair and makeup sesh, I’m feeling a little like a crazy lady staying up til 1am to post these pictures. They were too cute not to share! We’ve had lots of fun talking about Easter this year. Remi loves to refer to all of us as cottontails. “This is Mommy Cottontail and Daddy Cottontail…” :) We’ve been learning about Jesus and the Gospel at home and at Mother’s Day Out.  I love to hear him talk about Jesus. Sweet childlike faith.

These are all raw images from a little Easter photo shoot my mom and sister did yesterday with Remi. It’s so much fun to see how he’s changed since last year’s spring pictures. Enjoy!


eggeasterpeekabooprofilecotton candyeastercottoncandyplaideasterbook2bunnyfacebunnyfacecollageeaster baskethugs


Obviously, we love a good outfit change…or maybe Mom and I have both enjoyed shopping for Remi clothes a little too much lately! AND we believe in cotton candy bribery. Whatever it takes, y’all. Those bunny faces are cracking me UP! I love this sweet picture of Remi with his Aunt AA. I hope each and every one of you has a blessed Easter.

xo, Kelsey



There in the ground His body lay
 Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave he rose again!
And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine –
Bought with the precious blood of Christ!
In Christ Alone // Natalie Grant

life with the langes

Hi friends! Do you still love me? Sorry it’s been so long. A lot has been going on the past two months {yes, it’s been that long. I’m embarrassed!} so let’s get you filled in!

First of all, have you seen my new website?! It’s amazing. Like for real. Go check it out here. I’ll wait for you to come back. Isn’t it so good?! Red Pup Media is awesome and I’m so, so grateful. Check them out if you need any web design…that little red dog is good! ;) I will be keeping this blog for updates pertaining to friends/family and whatever personal stuff I feel like sharing. All of my makeup related posts will now be on the new website. I’ll still be posting links to new posts on Facebook and Instagram for those that follow me.

Aside from staying busy with being a momma to a too smart two-year-old, wife to a RAILROAD ENGINEER {!!!} and makeup artist to my lovely clients, I’ve taken on a part time job at Sephora inside jcp! It’s been quite a journey working with our lovely team during brand training, merchandising the store, and grand opening! I’ve had so much fun furthering my product knowledge and artistry skills all while “working” ..seriously, what a fun environment to work {and shop} in! I won’t say it’s been easy transitioning into working more–it definitely hasn’t! With Jarrett’s crazy railroad schedule {or lack there-of} and the fact that Remington only goes to Mother’s Day Out two days a week, it’s been interesting. We’ve had to rely on both sets of parents quite a bit. I’m so incredibly thankful for mine and Jarrett’s parents. They spoil us!

We’ve had lots of blessings lately–time spent with family, a new car, and new friends. AND after six months of training, Jarrett was promoted from railroad conductor to engineer! So proud of him and all of his hard work! We’ve also had a few bumps in the road–learning to deal with taking on a part time job, losing a beloved pet/hunting buddy to cancer, strep throat for Remi, and emergency surgery for my dad’s dog while my dad was out of town.

Through it all I’m just feeling so completely blessed and thankful for everything in our lives. I’m trying to see the beauty in every moment {especially when dealing with two-year-old tantrums} and remember that it’s ok to be a little bit silly. I think it’s something we can all work on. :)

remieast texas sunsetsilly
cereal loverfamilymickeyfall leaveschilly morning
Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.

xoxo, Kelsey



It seems like each time I post on a different topic I gain new readers. I love the fact that my blog can hopefully be well-rounded. I’ve posted recipes, ideas, beauty tutorials, and pictures of my family. This morning I want to do something a little different. Why not talk about the Creator of all of these wonderful things in my life? I’m going to share with you exactly what I wrote in my journal this morning after my quiet time with God. Maybe some of you can relate.

Yes, once again I’ve been behind on my daily Bible plan {a She Reads Truth plan from the You Version Bible app}. I always struggle with consistency and it angers me. Today, I thought about not even doing the reading plan because I was irritated with myself and didn’t want to be reminded that once again I didn’t measure up to my own expectations. Today’s reading plan {I’m over a week behind, so really Feb. 26th reading plan} was perfect. It’s from Exodus and deals with the Israelites’ weariness. After watching The Bible {amazing History Channel series} last week, I have been so enthralled with the story of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. How perfectly did God work these details together for my good? He knew I would be reading this very plan today. He knew I would be questioning myself and be weary with my own bad habits. He knows that sometimes I’m just a little too comfortable hanging back in the crowd and I don’t want to be stretched.

It’s so comforting to serve a God that knows my every move or even thought ahead of time. He works all things together for my good. I don’t have to be perfect and I know He’s not finished with me yet. I love this line from today’s plan:

“Let us quiet our hearts and watch as God, full of grace, fights daily for our hearts. And wins.


I hope you all enjoy a lazy Spring Break Saturday. I should be cleaning for next weekend {I’m hosting my girlfriend’s Bachelorette party at my house WHAT, WHAT?!} but instead I think I’ll continue drinking coffee to my heart’s content and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Mr. Remi. I’ll clean tomorrow!


I don’t think he’s worn a bib in 6 months. It makes me laugh to see him in one!


She wants in. He wants out. It’s nice in Texas today. I think we’ll play outside!


I guess Remi and Mickey are having a tea party with the bunnies.


Until next time,


Target and tractors

Wow! I haven’t been keeping my house spotless since the last post, but it’s amazing what changes I’ve noticed in my attitude since I’ve started doing a little bit at a time to help prevent that overwhelmed feeling. Just the simple act of picking up and doing chores throughout the day instead of all at once has decreased the workload and feeling of dread. This means I can focus on more important things: DIY projects and redecorating! Priorities, people!! ;)

Nothing too exciting going on around here lately. I did get a wild hair and decide to take the coffee table out of the living room. It’s just a temporary thing and I’m honestly not sure why I did it. I just love how big our living room feels without it in there. Basically, more room for activities! Duh.

I'm loving my new pillows (thanks Mom!) and my freshly painted mirror.

I’m loving my new pillows (thanks Mom!) and my freshly painted mirror.

Yesterday J and I ran some errands while Remi got his smarts on at MDO. We went out to check the deer feeders and drive around the pasture. I hadn’t really seen all of the land J grew up on and since we will be building a house out there one day I wanted to take it all in. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted a house on a hill with a wrap-around porch. I have no idea where I got that picture in my head, but it’s never left. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in town close to Target, TJ Maxx and our church; but there’s just something so refreshing and simplistic about life in the country. Maybe it reminds me of visiting my grandparent’s farm as a little girl. I was always so intrigued with the whole farm lifestyle—living off the land just as God intended. I want my children to grow up with animals. I want them to be able to run around outside and not be 5 feet from the road. I want them to eat home-grown tomatoes, learn to drive a tractor, and see the night stars from the country. It will be a lifestyle adjustment for me, but I want those things to be second nature to them. I’m trying to be positive about the future although it will be hard for me to leave “home”. I just keep telling myself a twenty minute drive is not that bad. We won’t be moving for 5-10 years, so no need to get all stressed out now. More time to plan my dream home!

The view from my future wrap-around-porch ;) beautiful, huh?!

The view from my future wrap-around-porch ;) beautiful, huh?!

Now, I’ll leave you with a picture of the cutest kid ever. I’m only a tiny bit biased.

Chef Remi

Be blessed y’all,