the perfect neutral lip

I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on this for a while now. I always get asked what I’m wearing on my lips. It’s not really just a lipstick…it’s a formula. A “secret recipe” if you will, and today I’m sharing my secret. :) I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the pictures. They’re pretty terrible and definitely don’t do this lip color any justice. I waited too late in the day and the lighting in my house is less than stellar!  I’m not wearing any makeup on my face so that’s why you’re getting an awkward close up of my lips. I felt kind of like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” Except I didn’t know what to do with my lips! Ok, on to the tutorial!


1.) Start with a lip liner a few shades darker than you natural lip color. As always, I just use what I have on hand. In this case, I used Stila lip liner in Contour No. 4.  Line all the way around the lips concentrating more of the product on the four corners of your lips. Basically, you want to keep the four corners of your lips darker and the inside lighter to create the appearance of fuller lips. I had a hard time finding out if this lip pencil is still available for purchase {I’ve had it forever!} but I’ve read that it’s very similar to Wet N Wild’s Brandywine lip liner.

2.) Fill in the rest of your lips with a lip pencil that is closer to your natural lip color bringing it up and out to slightly overlap the darker line. I used Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liner in 049 Natural. This color matches my natural lip color so it’s hard to see, but notice how it blends the harshness of the original line?

3.) Apply a neutral {not nude} colored lipstick all over the lips, slightly overlapping the darker line. I used Ulta’s 225 In the Buff. It’s my favorite lipstick that I’ve ever owned. It is slightly sheer and also matches my natural lip color. It’s so creamy and great by itself as well.

4.) Finish with a gloss. My favorite to use with this particular look is MAC’s Lipglass in Enchantress. It’s such a gorgeous pinky, peachy color with the perfect hint of golden shimmer. I’m going to have to repurchase it soon because I use it ALL the time!


I apply my lip color last so I usually have foundation on the edges of my lips. This helps to conceal the natural lip line in case you need to fake your desired lip shape with liner. I typically overdraw my lips ever so slightly because they are thinner than I’d like. I also prefer to accentuate the points along my Cupid’s bow. If you desire for your lip line to look really crisp and precise you can take a small concealer brush and clean up along the lip line with a bit of foundation.

I know this may seem like a lot of steps for an every day look, but it’s so gorgeous and really takes your overall look up a notch. I get compliments on this little “concoction” all the time. Although I do love nude lips, I feel like this is more wearable and flattering on most skin tones because it plays up the natural lip color. I’m definitely not a perfectionist when I do my lips, but they somehow always look great. I’m convinced it’s my secret lipstick recipe. If I haven’t already mentioned this 10 times, this is my go-to lip color for myself and everyone that I do makeup for. It’s just universally flattering! Try it out and let me know what you think!


And Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband :)


Until next time,