Convo 1

“Happy birthday to youuuuu and many more.

…and a rooster kick!”

Convo 2

(Changing Ruby’s dirty diaper) “EWWWWW! That looks like mud! Ruby! You have to say you’re sorry!!!”

Convo 3

“Whenever I’m old I think I’m gonna go to Jesus whenever Jesus says it’s time.”

Convo 4

(Driving down the road) “Who just honked at us? I think it was LoLo. LoLo has a really loud horn. Maybe she was going to the market.”

Convo 5

“Mom, go outside. That storm will tear you up.”

…and for the finale, what I like to call the “belly button chronicles” (boys are so gross!)

Convo 6

“I think there’s a broken cheerio in my belly button.”

Convo 7

“I tried to put my bouncy ball in my belly button but it wouldn’t fit.”

Convo 8

“Smell my belly button.”