Convo 1

Remi: Momma, I gotta lotta questions in my mouth but I don’t wanna tell you them.

Convo 2

Remi: Do you like me when I’m nekkid?

Convo 3

Remi: I’m beating Daddy up! Say “thank you!”

Convo 4

Remi: Thank you for keeping the potty warm!

Convo 5

Remi: Momma, I just returned. I returned back to being Remington.

Convo 6

Remi: I like to disobey nicely.

Convo 7

Daddy: Remi, throw me the remote.

Remi: That wasn’t a good choice was it, Daddy?

Convo 8

Remi: I’m trying to do a trick but it didn’t work. My magic won’t work because that why I’m not a real bagician.

Convo 9

Remi: I want something sweet. You and Daddy are sweet but I want a snack that’s sweet!

Convo 10

Remi: Momma, I got juice allll over me and the chair.

Me: Go to the sink and get the red towel to wipe it up.

Remi: But I want this towel.

Me: Ok…then use it.

Remi: I’m using it! Settle down!

Convo 11

Remi: Will you pull my leg sleeves down?

Convo 12

Remi: Holy moly, Mommy! My room is SO messy! I think some other child did it and it wasn’t me!

Convo 13

Remi: Jesus, I want to get in heaven with you. Jesus, what’s your favorite thing? Hats? Whats your favorite thing?? Candles? You like candles? I got candles at my house!

we “mish” you a merry Christmas

This Christmas season has been lots of fun so far! My favorite part has been hearing Remi sing various Christmas songs in his own Remi-remixed way. He can often be heard singing “and heaven and nature sing!” over and over. My personal favorites are “we ‘mish’ you a Merry Christmas” and “deck the halls with diamonds!” I’m all for that one, kiddo! Bring on the diamonds! :) I don’t even try to correct him because it’s too sweet and he changes the lyrics daily! I know he will be a big boy before I can blink and I will miss the cute things he said like “Santa can’t forget his britches! He might catch the achoo-ies!”

A few weeks ago, Remi baked cookies with Santa. He was so excited over the whole thing and has asked every morning since if it’s Christmas yet. Believe it or not, this was Remi’s first official photo shoot where a real photographer was behind the camera. I was nervous about how he would react to everything, but it was such a great experience! We loved Kelli from Alamond Photography and Santa was the best! He and Remi had so much fun with each other and I had fun watching them laugh and visit. Perfectly magical moment that yielded the sweetest pictures and memories!


Images by Alamond Photography

holiday gift guide for the littles

kids gift guide

This is the first Christmas that I’ve let myself venture into gifts for boys AND girls. We will be welcoming our baby girl in May and I cannot be more excited! These gifts are a mix of fun little toys and accessories that we already have in our home or would love to own!

1 / Tangle Teezer – this is an absolute must have for any home! Kids love it for the fun, easy to hold shape. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is THE most gentle tangle tamer ever. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve used it for myself on multiple occasions!

2 / Sophie and Lili Doll – Since I discovered Sophie and Lili dolls, I haven’t stopped dreaming about the day I could buy one of these dollies for a girl of my own. It hardly seems real that now I can!

3 / Boco Baby Knotted Headband – Again. Is this real life?! I’m so ready to order my girl one of these. Every little girl needs a custom name headband! There are so many cute styles to choose from and coordinating outfits as well!

4 / Cat Nap Eye Mask – Will you please forgive me that this guide is slightly girl gift heavy? Oh, thanks! How stinking cute are these sleep masks? I really want one for myself. Got that, Santa?

5 / B. Parum Pum Pum Drum – Remi received this drum set as a gift several Christmases ago. He still  plays with it often. It contains all kinds of shakers and noise makers for your little drummer boy or girl. This really is a great universal gift for babies just starting to grasp toys and bigger kids as well. I also love that the drum serves double duty to store the other pieces!

6 / Lincoln Logs – Is there a more classic childhood toy than Lincoln Logs? I loved building entire farms with my Lincoln Logs when I was little and Remi enjoys playing with them too!

7 / Lush FUN – This is by far our most favorite bath soap. It’s like playing with Play-doh in the bath tub. It creates nice suds, really cleans hair and body, and smells ahhh-maze-ing! We have the limited edition gold FUN and can’t wait to try more “flavors!”



Convo 1
Me: I don’t want Daddy to go to work.
Remi: Me either. Let’s hug each other.

Convo 2
Remi: Well, sometimes accidents happen. But sometimes accidents go away. And sometimes spankings happen. But they go away when I scratch them.

Convo 3
Remi: Do you love me when I’m big?
Me: I love you when you’re little and when you’re big.
Remi: (giggles)
Me: I love you EVEN when you teetee in your underwear.
Remi: NO!! You don’t love me! You spank me! And that’s how it works!!

Convo 4
Me: I brought you something.
Remi: That will chill my fuss out?

Convo 5
Remi: Do girls got booties, Momma?
Me: Yes.
Remi: Ugh! That’s weird!

easy, breezy summer style

Here in Texas we’ve been hitting 90 degrees before noon. I always try to dress for comfort–especially in the sweltering heat. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in a t-shirt and shorts 85% of the time, but there are also times that I want to look a little more put-together. I love dresses because they’re so easy. I’m never too great at putting separates together, but a dress requires no extra thought. Give yourself a cute little side braid, toss on a fedora and some stylish earrings and you’re good to go. No one has to know that you only spent 5 minutes getting ready!

easy, breezy summer style



 Whitney Port image source

a reminder to live



Photo May 02, 7 45 31 PM

This boy loves his Poppa and riding through the pastures in Daddy’s truck.

Photo May 02, 12 37 17 PM.jpg

He loves making wishes.

Photo May 03, 7 10 47 PM.jpg

And picnics with his Jon Jon and SuSu.

PicMonkey Collage

He loves sitting on the counter and prolonging bedtime.

Photo May 04, 3 44 10 PM

And hanging out in the shop. (pre-haircut!)

Photo May 04, 4 19 46 PM

And hanging on Mommy’s legs.



He just loves life.

This boy of mine reminds me to live–to see things for more than they are. The way his eyes light up at the simplest things reminds me to slow down. All too often I’m reminded that tomorrow is not promised to us. We can make great big plans for the future but, friends, we’ve got to relish today. We’ve got to live more abundantly. Don’t let the enemy creep in and tell you that you’ll have more, do more, be happier down the road. Cling to the truth that He has lavished His grace upon us. Now is the time to allow yourself to really live! Start today.



favorite foundation brushes

I’ve always loved going through my friend’s makeup bags (still do) and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tools and products for personal and client use. Here is a round-up of my must-have foundation brushes for applying cream and liquid foundations. These are tried and true, gotta-have-them brushes for me. I’d love to know–what are your favorite foundation brushes? Comment below if I’m missing out on something fabulous!

Favorite Foundation Brushes