For some reason it feels like I just posted one of these…then I realized I hadn’t posted any Remi-isms since September. I guess life moves faster once you have a kid in school. At least that’s how it feels!

Convo 1

“I’m just looking around Longview because I kinda miss it.”

Convo 2

“Awww! She’s just so cute. I can’t stand her cuteness!”

Convo 3

Me: Why do you feel the need to tear stuff up?

Remi: I feel the need to tear stuff up because I’m a man.

Convo 4

(I was talking to Jarrett about how Remi had taken a nap the previous day)

Me: He was knocked out yesterday!

Remi: My daytime spirit was knocked out of me!

Convo 5

Me: Go potty.

Remi: I’m gonna hold it til I get to the deer stand with Daddy.

Me: No you’re not. Go potty.

Remi: I gotta stretch. My little arms and my little legs and my–

Me: I’m about to stretch out my hand on your little bottom!

Remi: (giggles) That sounds funny but it doesn’t feel funny!!

Convo 6

“Sometimes, at night, I do quiet poots.”

Convo 7

“I’m gonna call my arm pits, “pits.” Actually, I’m gonna call them “pits of joy.”

Convo 8

Remi: Honey was acting like my parents and not my grandparent.

Me: How?

Remi: Because she didn’t give me everything I wanted. She usually does. Honey wouldn’t let me have Max but Cheri bought it for me. So now Cheri’s being the good one. She was never ever like that.  (**for the record, I know this makes him seem terribly bratty but if you know his Honey and Poppa then you know he’s just preaching the truth- he usually does get what he wants! and as for his Aunt Cheri, the “good one” he’s referring to is because she always picks on him and acts silly!**)

Convo 9

[when Jesus was born..] “Did they have a Walmart? Chick-fil-A? Sprite?”

Convo 10

“I wish the pantry was my bedroom.”

Convo 11

“Sometimes you make me smile when I look at your face.”

Convo 12

“Ruby, you’re never gonna get to drink coffee– until you’re 14!”

Convo 13

Me: God gave you each other. Siblings are built in friends.

Remi: Um…Mom…we’re not the kind of kids you’re thinking about. We’re the kind of kids that like to play by ourselves.

Convo 14

Me: NO Ruby!

Remi: What does she have?

Me: Scissors!

Remi: OHHHH those are one of the final touchdowns for spankings!

Convo 15

Remi: Please do not hug me like that.

Me: Remington Lange, I am your mother. I brought you into this world & I can take you out of it! (How’s that for a movie line? ha!)

Remi: (not missing a beat!) No you can’t! And plus, Jesus brought me into this world!

Convo 16

Remi: How old are you, Momma?

Me: 26.

Remi: Then you should be in heaven by now.

Convo 17

“I thought this medicine was going to taste good but it actually tastes horrible. Some medicine just tastes horrible. Horrible, I say!”

Convo 18

“Momma, you just made me feel love in my heart.”