he said – she said


Now that Remi isn’t the only quotable kid in the Lange household, I’ve decided to add little sister in the mix. Since we’re together the majority of the week while Remi is at school (with the exception of Mother’s Day Out), I’ve amassed quite a bit of humorous quotes. I’m still trying to work out the kinks for how to best share our collection of conversations in a way that flows and is easy to read. Hang tight–you’ll love the new spin on the Remi-isms! We’ll start with Ruby, move on to Remi & end with group conversations. Hope you enjoy!

Ruby: I got booboo, Daddy
J: Well, I’m not gonna kiss it right now
Ruby: Later, Dada?
J: Yeah, later.

Ruby: I need coffee, too! Where my coffee?

Me: Daddy’s sleepy
Ruby: No ma’am, Jose!

Me: Ruby, you made my lips look so pretty with lipstick!
Ruby: Dat my job.

Ruby: Mayleigh, be quiet. I rinsin’ Bubba’s hair.

Ruby: *screams*
Me: What’s wrong?
Ruby: I ‘cared of dark
Remi: Ruby, we’ve been over this TWENTY FIVE times!!

Ruby: I tired now.
Me: What do you want to do?
Ruby: Take a nap more.
Me: OK. You can rest while we are in the car.
Ruby: Noooo I not sleepy. I just being silly.

Ruby: I takin’ my baby to Bible study! It be funnnn!

Ruby: *asks my dad* You like Paw Patrol?

Ruby: Look at all dese babies I got.
Me: Awww so many babies to love and take care of!
Ruby: Dey’re killing me!

Ruby: Can I check da coon trap?
J: Yes, let’s go.
Ruby: I gotta brush my teef! Hang on!


Remi: You have Candy Crush?! That’s my favorite game!
Me: How do you know about Candy Crush?
Remi: Aunt Audrey and Uncle Johnny! Hello. Is anyone in my mind??

*we just had a conversation about doing things the first time you’re asked – trying new food*
Remi: My tastes buds are saying no but my body is saying yes.

Remi: *eating dinner* Listen. I don’t mean any harm but…this chicken…I just saw a booger on it.

Me: You only get a treat if you tee tee in the potty.
Remi: I’ll tee tee in the potty!!
Me: Ok but you’re already potty trained so you don’t get a treat.
Remi: Aww man but it was a good try!

Remi: That little giggly girl! I love my sister. All I want for Christmas is my family!

Remi: I would NEVER lie about getting a green dot because I know that would be double trouble!!

Remi: Momma, I try to get lots of green dots at school and that’s why I get in trouble at home because it takes all of my good out!

Remi: Why is she so whiny? Ugh! We need to get some manners into that girl! The way she’s been acting with me…it ain’t happenin’ any more!


*picking out nail polish colors*
Me: Oh, that will probably match your dress pretty good.
Ruby: Dat match my dress! It ‘pecial to me!
Remi: That matches her dress?
Me: Yes, it’s hanging in her closet if you want to go see.
Remi: I’m just not really in the spirit of walking around but I’ll go see.

Ruby: I do Playdoh!
Remi: Where?
Ruby: At my ‘chool!
Remi: I wish I got to do Playdoh at my school but Bubba’s past those days right, Momma?!

Me: Remi, did you get cold at school today?
Remi: No
Ruby: I got cold at ‘chool today!
Me: You did? Oh no!