Convo 1

(in the car on a 12 hour drive to the beach)

“Did we bring the spanking spoon?”

(and a few hours later..)

“Did we bring sunscreen?”

(and a few hours later..)

“I’m ready to hit the beach, guys! Come on! Let’s go!”

Convo 2

(pouting and talking in a whisper to his stuffed dog)

“Chase, Momma drank my orange juice!”

Convo 3

Me: Remi, don’t grow up!

Remi: But I want to grow up! I wanna be a daddy!!

Convo 4

Remi: I hit my head.

Me: Are you OK?

Remi: No. I’m better than OK! It means don’t worry, Momma!

Convo 5

(talking to Ruby)

“Who are you and what are you doing here??”

Convo 6

“I do not like drinking out of the sink. It might have yucky, gross-y stuff in it. Like onions.”

Convo 7

(talking about Ruby)

“When she cries and her mouth is sad it looks like her face is bleeding because it gets red!” (such imagery! ha!)

Convo 8

(talking to Jarrett’s dad)

“Poppa, you’re a hot little mess!”

Convo 9

Me: Mommy needs quiet.

Remi: And Remi needs noise.

Convo 10

(these two love to pick on each other!)

Jarrett: I love you.

Remi: I love you. Once you get away from me, I love you more.

Convo 11

Me: What’s wrong? Why do you look so sad this morning?

Remi:I had a dream about Freddy and Daphne and Shaggy and Velma. And they were here… And then they were gone… I’m sad because I wanted to visit with them.